QUESTION: What do you mean by accessible?

Designing an accessible travel train requires empathy, as well as understanding diverse narratives and perspectives. Service providers’ will play a crucial role in the project’s success. However, there may be a discrepancy in understanding among organizations due to the complex context. Figuring out a dynamic system keeping users’ evolving needs in mind is necessary.

Accessible? Why Should You Need to Ask?

What should be the ‘standard’ in our society? Is it conforming to the ‘standard’ of the majority, or is it the ‘standard’ to conform to all? Together with the Ministry of Transport & Communications (LVM), Fintraffic, Traficom, and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (VÄYLÄ), group 2A looks closer at accessibility in the public transport system.

Design? Probably. Human-centered? Not for now.

Welcome on board! Through this first blog post, your will learn about our very first steps regarding the “Life events for dignified old age” adventure, such as our understanding of the project brief, the roundtable discussion with our partners, and a few elements about our research strategy.

Design and policy: where and when do they meet

Where do policy and design meet? How different or similar are their processes? And how can design help policy to suit “human scale”? These are some of the questions that have arisen during the first two weeks’ discussions and reflections on the Design for Government course.

First diamond attempt: design for a dignified old age

The first blog of the 2023 DfG course dissects the focus of the mission in the new design brief ‘Life events for a dignified old age’ and presents the roundtable discussions we’ve held to gain a preliminary understanding of the issues and the plan for the next step.

Exploring deeper into the forests of Finland

How can we resolve the conflict between promoting visits and conserving biodiversity in Finnish National Parks? We are exploring the possibility of bridging different organisations in order to enhance regenerative activities in nature areas. In this blog, I will outline what we have done, what we grasped and what we will do so far.

Getting comfortable with not knowing everything or designing for Finnish public services

This blog post reports on the work-in-progress within the DfG course! The post is written by group 2C dealing with the Ministry of Finance’s brief on Orchestrating public governance in employment services (TE2024) by focusing on the public servants’ needs in the new reform model. The group includes Sanne van der Linden from Creative Sustainability … Read more

Healthy Nature, Healthy People

How to protect biodiversity in Finnish nature recreational areas from the increasing number of visitors? In this first blog, group 1A deep-dive in understanding the issues and finding insights with a human-centred approach through different stakeholders such as nature itself, Metsähallitus, The Ministry of the Environment, and Visitors.

Exploring the path to human-centered employment services

What does a human-centered employment services reform look like? In this blog Group 2A reflects on their starting points on a journey to understand a government reform with all its stakeholders, and explores how applying a human-centered lens influences how we see both the bigger picture and details.