Design Intervention: Biodiversity board

This blog post describes our process and steps of the last few weeks to get closer to our solution. We got inspiration in developing a design intervention that aims to improve shared understanding amongst Metsähallitus departments and preserve the biodiversity of national parks by applying the policy lab tool.

Navigating towards the intervention with scenarios

By forming our user scenario, we can find inspiration in developing nudges that serve to improve the visitor experience and protect the biodiversity of national parks. This method of working not only connects us to the problem area we look to solve but helps us to get closer to our design intervention.

Seeing the forest through the trees

Climate change is taking its toll on biodiversity everywhere but something lurking in the shadows of public media is the visitors’ contribution to biodiversity loss in national parks. Ideologies of systems thinking helped us to understand this spider legged topic further and eventually even led us to our problem area: Value of the guidelines is not realized by the visitors in relation to their impacts to biodiversity.

Finding Tangible Problems in a Complex System

Team 1B is working on Metsähallitus’ and the Ministry of the Environment’s brief about the future of sustainable recreation. How can national parks be preserved in the future, as visitor numbers continue to grow? Through research and design interventions, the project seeks solutions to behaviors that harm the nature in conservation areas.

Navigating through forests in the Uusimaa region while thinking about the broad spectrum of interests among the stakeholders

This blog post reports how our second quarter of research has been done. We develop our research scope by focusing on the Uusimaa region, especially Nuuksio National Park and its neighboring forests. We looked up organizations that manage various types of regenerative and nature education activities for a wide range of the general public in the region. We evolved our direction of research that concentrates on Nature Education, Regenerative activities, and Sense of community after using different mapping tools. This blog will mainly report stakeholder and causal loop maps to describe our findings and what we understand at this stage.

Exploring deeper into the forests of Finland

How can we resolve the conflict between promoting visits and conserving biodiversity in Finnish National Parks? We are exploring the possibility of bridging different organisations in order to enhance regenerative activities in nature areas. In this blog, I will outline what we have done, what we grasped and what we will do so far.

Healthy Nature, Healthy People

How to protect biodiversity in Finnish nature recreational areas from the increasing number of visitors? In this first blog, group 1A deep-dive in understanding the issues and finding insights with a human-centred approach through different stakeholders such as nature itself, Metsähallitus, The Ministry of the Environment, and Visitors.

Reducing the Use of Plastic Bags

Project description Plastic is a major source of marine littering damaging the sea. Plastics contain hazardous chemicals that easily dissolve in water. Plastic waste can also be harmful to animals – e.g. birds eat plastic debris mistaking them for food – becoming a rapidly increasing cause of mortality among various species. In addition, microscopic plastic … Read more