Finding a Common Vision and Entry Points: “The struggle to comprehend the basic starting point.”

The third blog post from group 2A is focused on the research process of our project on continuity of care in primary healthcare. This project has been developed in collaboration with Kela and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The blog post showcases the current process of the project and discusses more deeply the process of the vision and entry points.

The journey towards finding the solution

In the process on finding solutions for a better healthcare system, we delve into the intricacies of Finland’s healthcare landscape. With a focus on continuity of care, we navigate the complexities, identifying opportunities and entry points. Yet, the journey towards finding a solution is full of challenges, and we are on the way to finding the best possible outcomes.

Finally, time to get our hands dirty!

This blog post updates group 1B’s progress on tackling biodiversity policy coherence for the Finnish Ministry of Environment. It covers the second half of the project, where the team start deploying design methods and interventions for policy. Looking ahead to the ideation session with the civil servants, the team is approaching the final design proposal soon.

Small Actions = BIG Impact

Among our general policymakers who are path-independent and insusceptible to change, some individuals are motivated to take initiative and bring radical transformation within their organization. Together with our partner, the Prime Minister’s Office (VNK), we see these “Change Agents” as potential actors for achieving Finland’s biodiversity goals. Small actions by these change agents can have big impacts on supporting policy coherence for biodiversity.

Cross-pollinating in the ministerial policy ecosystem

Utilizing leverage points and bounded rationality, our Aalto University Design for Government team is developing three key ideas to foster connections between nature, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and their supporting agencies. Our aim? To nurture mutual understanding, fun and strong relationships, smoothing the way to cohesive biodiversity policies for future generations.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

In the ongoing Continuity of Care series, this blog throws light on the crucial role of General Practitioners in navigating the complex labyrinth of the Finnish healthcare system. However, the burden of heavy workloads and unfavorable working conditions often drives many GPs to pursue further specialization or depart from the public sector, thereby worsening staff retention issues in a perpetual loop. Understanding the factors contributing to poor working conditions highlights the urgent need for reforms and remedies to retain GPs and ensure conducive work environments.

Investigating Initial Pathways: Enhancing Continuity

In this blog post, Beste Polatkal from Group 2A shares research findings on improving the continuity of care in Finland’s healthcare system through a “Whys” analysis. The issues explored are major issues like doctor shortages & heavy workloads and it is discussed how better teamwork might create opportunities for better continuity.