Future of retirement—Exploring and applying system thinking

Where do policy and design meet? How different or similar are their processes? And how can design help policy to suit “human scale”? These are some of the questions that have arisen during the first two weeks’ discussions and reflections on the Design for Government course.

Dignified life means having the possibility of choice

A dignified old age and the retirement event have several connections we had to discover. Our group’s objective over the previous three weeks has been to comprehend the perspective of retired people through field research and identify the critical life events that lead to being dignified and how digitalisation influences it as a tool.

The cosmic horror of Finnish bureaucratic iceberg

Finnish design project provided by the Ministry of Finance focusing on solving the needs of the public servants (in Kela, TE offices and municipalities) involved in the transition from the 15 TE offices to 309+ municipalities due to the TE services reform 2024, via people-centric and public strategy renewal ideas.

Identifying the nuts and bolts of a large scale employment services reform

These past two weeks we focused on unearthing challenges, triumphs and expectations with on-the-ground employees from different organisations which are a part of the TE2024 reform and identifying challenging areas where we can intervene. So far we have outlined three main problem segments that resurfaced often when discussing different reform activities.

Seeing the forest through the trees

Climate change is taking its toll on biodiversity everywhere but something lurking in the shadows of public media is the visitors’ contribution to biodiversity loss in national parks. Ideologies of systems thinking helped us to understand this spider legged topic further and eventually even led us to our problem area: Value of the guidelines is not realized by the visitors in relation to their impacts to biodiversity.

Finding tangible problems in a complex system

Team 1B is working on Metsähallitus’ and the Ministry of the Environment’s brief about the future of sustainable recreation. How can national parks be preserved in the future, as visitor numbers continue to grow? Through research and design interventions, the project seeks solutions to behaviors that harm the nature in conservation areas.

A system based on the needs of international jobseekers

During the second phase of our project on the TE2024 reform, we mainly focused on analysing our interview data. The most important insight we gained is that international jobseekers have very specific needs during the different steps of their journey. How well these needs are being met translates back to their personal relation with the formal employment services.

Navigating through forests in the Uusimaa region while thinking about the broad spectrum of interests among the stakeholders

This blog post reports how our second quarter of research has been done. We develop our research scope by focusing on the Uusimaa region, especially Nuuksio National Park and its neighboring forests. We looked up organizations that manage various types of regenerative and nature education activities for a wide range of the general public in the region. We evolved our direction of research that concentrates on Nature Education, Regenerative activities, and Sense of community after using different mapping tools. This blog will mainly report stakeholder and causal loop maps to describe our findings and what we understand at this stage.

Deep dividing: researching and analyzing the data and trying to define the aspects we should focus on for emotional support

This blog post reports on work-in-progress within the DfG course! The post is written by the group dealing with the Ministry of Interior’s brief on ‘Strategy for expatriate Finns’.  Group 3B: Amir Tahvonen and Savannah Vize from Creative Sustainability, and Hannah Roche and Shuaijun Zhang from Collaborative and Industrial Design. During the past three weeks, after getting … Read more

The Unheard Voices Among Expatriate Finns

This blog post reports on work-in-progress within the DfG course! The post is written by the group dealing with the Ministry of Interior’s brief on ‘Strategy for expatriate Finns’.  Group 3C: Phuong Nguyen from the New Media Design program, Mõtus Lõmaš Kama from Collaborative and Industrial Design program (Exchange), Mariela Urra Schiaffino, Creative Sustainability program (Design track), … Read more