Just Transition to Post-Oil Heating in Homes

Project description

Finland has an ambitious target to become carbon neutral by 2035. However, due to the cold climate in Finland, residential heating consumes a relatively high amount of energy. Oil is still commonly used for central heating in single-family homes, and these upwards of 130,000 homes homes represent a significant CO2 emission reduction potential. Moving away from residential oil-heating is much more than a technical question of energy systems and substitutes. The Ministry of the Environment is assessing measures to ensure a fair and just transition in the matter. This requires knowledge and understanding of the citizens living in the oil-heated housing: what hinders the transition, what are the effective means and measures and how the state can most effectively support the transition? This project looks at the role of single-family homes in Finland, including regulation of their lifespans and residential lifestyles.

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This project was showcased during the 2020 Final Show.

Student proposals

License to Heat

project by Hsin-Yun Lai, Daniel Leiviskä, Anh Nguyen, Emile Rebours

Final report (PDF)
Presentation slides (PDF)
Video of presentation (15 min)
Video of Q&A

Energy Hero

project by Ásta Ágústsdóttir, Sumi Moon, Ville Pellinen, Shreya Sood

Energy Ambassadors

project by Elizabeth Akins, Elisa Dametto, Jane Lehtinen, Uttista Varanasi