Primary Producer’s Notifications

Project description

Where are we now?

The primary producers of food shall notify their activities to several authorities and registers within the administrative sector of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM). There are many levels of legislations (EU, national, sector by sector) that govern which information to be notified for food safety, animal health and welfare, and agricultural subsidies.

The producers have to notify much of the same information many times, and those are recorded by the authorities in different information systems. The notification happens both online and offline. Many are on paper and difficult to find, and there is a need to increase the use of electronic services. Currently the forms and the language in them are complicated.

Where do we want to be?

MMM wants to lessen the administrative burden of the producers and enhance the use of the data in and between authorities. They want to have easily accessible e-services as well as reduced number of paper versions with more efficiency. If possible, combining separate notification processes is sought for.

How are we going to get there?

By listening to and observing the people potentially engaged with primary producers, identifying and mapping out the gatekeepers, and co-creating with a wide variety of stakeholders, which are the reasons we started DfG 2015 with a workshop.

The potential workshop participants include the primary producers (farmers, animal keepers, feed producers etc.), personnel from MMM, authorities like Evira, Maaseutuvirasto, Maanmittauslaitos and so on.

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This project was showcased during the 2015 Final Show.

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