Project Piazza

Project description

Where are we now?

Finnish government is in need of a platform where information about RDI (research, development and innovation) projects can be stored and searched easily by decision-makers, by researchers, funding organisations. It is recognised, for example, that policymakers need to have access to the most recent research findings in order to make informed decisions 24/7 e.g. “Who’s the best expert on ‘circular economy’ in Finland among researchers and activists at 1:00 in the morning?”

The platform may include an advanced version of Hankegalleria, a service provided by Tekes for their built-environment projects. The original model of Hankegalleria was based on the visual music exploration service, Hitlantis and intended for a more visual and interactive way of providing basic project data. Yet, it is important to remember the digital platform is not the ultimate goal, rather a part of bigger solution.

Where do we want to be?

The Prime Minister’s Office (VNK) wants to have a transparent and straightforward platform for collecting and sharing project information, that is accessible by anyone. That includes a functional, easy to use and attractive platform that attracts both the producers (researchers, project leaders, think tanks) and the audience (policy makers, funding organisations, journalists) of RDI with clear incentives. Also, there is a need for a clear way to communicate the new platform and its benefit to the public sector and government.

How are we going to get there?

By listening to and observing the people potentially engaged with Project Piazza in the future, identifying and mapping out the gatekeepers, and co-creating with a wide variety of stakeholders, which are the reasons we started DfG 2015 with a workshop.

The potential workshop participants include personnel from VNK, Sitra, the Academy of Finland, VTT, the IT Centre for Science, Open Data Finland and more. Isn’t it exciting?

Read more about the process in the blogs!

This project was showcased during the 2015 Final Show.

Student proposals

Project Piazza

Project by Oona Casalegno, Benjamin Leung, Laura Uusitalo and Maritere Vargas

Final Report (PDF)
Video of presentation

Project Piazza / Lähde

Project by Oona Frilander, Petra Leino, Gaspar Mostafá and Anna Váraai

Final Report (PDF)
Video of presentation