• From disconnected information to networked information
    By incorporating a user-centred perspective, conducting systemic analysis, and fostering co-creation and engagement, we can transform the way we perceive and experience accessible transportation. In this last blog post we introduce our final solution, a comprehensive framework capable of achieving this transformation.
  • Group 1A to DVV, over!
    Team 1A sees that harmonising the public digital services is a solution for the troubles the users are facing. But how it can be done? Our final proposal is described here!
  • A framework of collaboration designed to last
    This post explores a comprehensive proposal that strives to equip The Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) with a resilient framework centered around collaboration. This multilayered structure is purposefully designed to endure and foster a renewed perspective on accessibility among all the organizations involved in Finland’s public transport travel chain.
  • Nudging retirement: a lifelong journey
    This post gives an overview of our final proposal and a reflection on it. The proposal is to nudge people to start preparing for their retirement earlier so they can have more options when getting older. With our proposal, we also want to encourage people to reflect on their life.
  • Tomorrow Together
    In collaboration with the Digital Population and Data Services (DVV) and the Ministry of Finance (VM), we explored the trends surrounding Finland’s diverse and aging population. As a result, we propose Tomorrow Together – a four stages-framework that adopts a life course perspective through predictive governance and multi-party collaboration into policy making.
  • Nuuksio collaboratory – how we got there
    In this blog, I’ll describe the thinking process towards our final proposal the Nuuksio Collaboratory. It is a one-year program where visitors of Nuuksio National Park participate in a citizen science project led by Metsähallitus scientists to co-create solutions for the local biodiversity loss.