• Work in Progress…
    In this blogpost a member from group 2B presents the group’s initial exploration of the given design brief on continuity of care in the Finnish healthcare system. Core issues discovered are shared and the path forwards projected by connecting the brief to key frameworks from systems thinking and design.
  • The Dark Matter Behind It All
    Cross-fertilisation is interaction or interchange, as between cultures, fields of activity, or knowledge, that is mutually beneficial and productive. Together with the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Environment we have started to explore how biodiversity could be transformed into all-of-government ownership. How could this cross-fertilisation look between the ministries as well as within their agencies, institutes, and service providers?
  • The incessant use of question marks
    A large part of this blog consists of questions. As we are taking the first steps in our project, we find ourselves immersed in them: Questions upon questions and answers that raise new questions. In this first part, we try to familiarize ourselves with the topic, meet our partners for the first time, and discuss our priorities as well as our direction in research.
  • Thinking Biodiversity: A Multidisciplinary Journey to Designing Solutions for Finland’s Government Structures
    This blog is about an initiative by a multidisciplinary group of students to address biodiversity issues in Finland in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of the Environment. We recognize the urgency of the biodiversity crisis and the complexity of governance structures. While we also recognize that there are time constraints to finding quick solutions, we are committed to considering proposals to address the challenge. The group’s approach involves conducting research, mapping governance systems, and engaging with relevant stakeholders. We emphasize the importance of understanding the different perspectives on biodiversity that exist to reach a common understanding and address the problem effectively. The team includes people with backgrounds in design, architecture, and sustainable development, reflecting a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  • Biodiversity? Policy? Coherence?
    This blog post is the first post by Group 1B on their project on biodiversity policy coherence at an interdepartmental level at the Ministry of the Environment. It covers background reading, a roundtable with external partners and the development of a research agenda.
  • Beyond Appointments: The Lifelong Commitment to Health
    We are conducting a project about the opportunities for improving Continuity of Care with our partners Kela and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The main focus for our group is the patients’ point of view. We aim to explore ways in which patients’ behaviour could be incentivized to uphold CoC.