Strategy for Expatriate Finns

Project description The Ministry of the Interior will set a strategy for the expatriate Finns for the years 2022-2026, which will be published in December 2021. This new strategy aims to explore the sustainable means that can increase participation of expatriate Finns in Finnish society (politics, culture, education, employment). It also looks to broaden the … Read more

Reducing Carbon Footprint Procurement, Using the Kela Maternity Box Example

Project description The value of public procurement in Finland represents 15% of Finland’s gross domestic product. Innovative public procurement can improve the productivity, quality, sustainability and/or effectiveness of public services. By creating demand for innovative solutions, the public sector encourages companies to engage in research and development to accelerate the dissemination of new solutions and … Read more

Pilot project for Personal Budgeting and Mobility Services

Project Description In tandem with the broader social and healthcare reform in Finland, and following the current Government agenda, the Ministry of Social Affairs launched a pilot project on personal budgeting for people with disabilities (Henkilökohtainen budjetointi). This new model aims at providing a more inclusive and flexible choice for persons with disabilities in order to give … Read more