New mini-documentary about Design for Government!

The above mini-documentary about Design for Government (DFG) was produced in spring 2017. It outlines our approaches and projects commissioned to date from Finnish ministries, overviews motivations for and benefits of DfG from governmental, societal and design points of view. The 10-minute mini-documentary was produced for the ‘Enter and Encounter’ exhibition at Design Museum Helsinki where it is on view there (with Finnish subtitles) 24 Mar – 22 Oct 2017!

Featured in the video are points of view from Richard Hylerstedt (DFG’15, design student at Aalto University), Suvi Kinnarinen Järvi (DFG’16, design student at Aalto), Anna-Kaisa Lahteenmaki-Smith (Science Specialist, Prime Minister’s Office), Fang-Yi Lee, DFG’14, design student at Aalto), Seungho Lee (founder of Design for Government), Ramia Mazé (Professor at Aalto), and Taina Nikula (Ministerial Advisor, Ministry of the Environment).



Teachers: Ramia Mazé, Seungho Lee, Hella Hernberg, Juha Kronqvist, Taneli Heinonen ; Curatorial assistant: Miina Pohjolainen ; Video: Roman Lihhavtshuk ; Video graphics: Emma Berg ; Translation: Apropos Lingua Oy ; Images and photos by teachers, students, Da-Woon Chung and Glen Forde.


2 thoughts on “New mini-documentary about Design for Government!”

  1. Very inspiring !
    Next year I would like to co-operate in planning what information materials about the course can be opened with a Creative Commons license.

    That would increase societal impact and allow use as an inspiring example without license negotiations !

    It is recommended, that the licenses for reutilization of the open data of the Finnish public administration are given by a license, which belongs to the Creative Commons license family. The recommended license is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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