Mid-term review presentation slides

Photo courtesy: Eloise Smith-Foster
Photo courtesy: Eloise Smith-Foster

The mid-term review of Design for Government 2015 took place at Tieteiden talo, the House of Science and Letters, on 21.4.2015 from 9 to 12. In the beginning of 2015, the Prime Minister’s Office (VNK) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM) assigned three project to Design for Government, and the six teams of highly committed and talented designers have shared their findings so far and present potential directions for intervention. The following presentation files are from the mid-term review:

1. Project Piazza (commissioned by VNK) – PDF download

2. Primary Producer’s Notification (commissioned by MMM)
Team 1 – PDF download
Team 2 – PDF download

3. School Fruits and Vegetables (commissioned by MMM) – PDF download

Some 20 civil servants came to share their wisdom from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Ministry of Finance, the Agency for Rural Affairs MAVI, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, and city of Helsinki. Also, consultants from Kaskas Media, Zone Interactions, Avanto Helsinki, and Demos Helsinki were present and shared their thoughts.

We’ll be looking forward to the fruitful discussions on the DfG 2015 Final Show on 26.5.2015!

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