Registration for Design for Government course opens in two days

Are you interested in designing with the public sector? We think Helsinki Design Lab of Finland, MindLab of Denmark, and Public Policy Lab of New York are just the beginning, Helsinki soon hiring three city designers is just the beginning, and the emerging domain of design requires a new sets of tools, skills, most importantly, the right mindset.

Design For Government (DfG) is a pilot course under Aalto Creative Sustainability master’s programme focusing on design for governmental and public sector innovation with emphases on systems thinking and human-centered design. This year, you will be working with the Ministry of Environment with high-level and complex design challenges.


This course is first-come, first-served in the order of registration. Priority is given to those who take both theory (cs0028) and case (cs0029). 50% of student places are reserved for Aalto University Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS) students and 50% from outside ARTS in Aalto University and through JOO agreement in other universities.


Design for Government in 2014 will run from week 13 (24 – 28 March 2014) to week 22 (26 – 30 May 2014) for 10 weeks. Contact sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Aalto ARTS (Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki).


6 ECTS (theory) + 6 ECTS (case*) = 12 ECTS

4 working days per a week for those who take both theory and case = 324 hours, 32.4 hours per week. For those who only take theory, exactly the half. *Please note that you cannot take only the case.


For year 2014 we are getting projects from the Ministry of the Environment of Finland. One of the themes deals with the accessibility of the buildings and the policy tools. More details will follow on the course website.


The registration opens on 20.1.2014 9:00 and closes on 28.02.14 at 23.59. If you are a Aalto University master’s level student, simply register via WebOodi. Otherwise, register via JOO agreement. The course codes are cs0028 (theory) and cs0029 (case).

More information and updates

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