DfG is working with the Prime Minister’s Office


This summer, Design for Government (DfG) has joined to participate in an application for the research call (Ohjauksen uudet työkalut ja kokeilukulttuurin tuki VNK/477/48/2014) from the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office (VNK) in collaboration with the Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki and its partner Avanto Helsinki.

We are happy to announce that the partnership has been selected to work on the research project with the same name, Design for Government. The team is currently benchmarking best practices around the world to build initial hypotheses applicable for Finnish context, which will be further examined and developed through DfG in 2015. The aim is to devise a process model that incorporates behavioural insight, evidence based decision-making and prototyping culture in policymaking and implementation with the understanding of Finnish values and local contexts.

The research project provides DfG with great assets: an opportunity for participating students to work with real problems commissioned by VNK, a greater proximity to the governmental bodies in Finland, a possibility to be connected with the counterparts around the world, extra resources for teaching and student projects, and finally a chance to contribute to the global discourse.

The project theme commissioned by VNK will be announced in January. Stay tuned!