Ramia Mazé

Ramia Mazé joined the DfG teaching team in 2015 as course leader. As Professor of New Frontiers in Design at Aalto University, she specializes in the critical and participatory design of systems, services and products that alter social practices and public life. Until recently in Sweden, she worked in the Industrial Design program at Konstfack University College, in the Sustainable Urban Planning and Design program at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and at the national PhD school Designfakulteten. She has led several major interdisciplinary and international research projects and has worked as a professional designer in the EU and US. She has degrees in interaction design (PhD and MA) and architecture (BA).

Taneli Heinonen

Taneli Heinonen has been part of the DfG teaching staff from 2015. He is an independent consultant helping clients understand people as social and cultural beings instead of mere numbers on a spreadsheet. He also teaches methods of service design and ethnographic customer insights in Laurea University of Applied Sciences. He’s previously worked for a strategy consultancy Gemic and a service design agency Diagonal (currently known as Hellon). Taneli believes in the integration of rigorously built insights and persistent creative work.

Hella Hernberg

Hella Hernberg is a founding and core member of the DfG teaching team. She is an architect and designer who runs Urban Dream Management, a strategic design practice striving towards creative and sustainable cities. Hella is an expert of smart use of existing resources and involving users and stakeholders in the development of built environment. Recently she also started her PhD studies at Aalto Design Department on participatory practices in the reuse of empty spaces. In 2012-13 Hella worked as a strategic designer at the Ministry of the Environment, through Sitra’s Design Exchange Programme. She is also editor and publisher of Helsinki Beyond Dreams (2012), a book about local initiatives and urban culture in Helsinki.

Seungho Lee

Seungho Lee is a designer and researcher residing in Helsinki, who founded the Design for Government course under Aalto University‘s interdisciplinary master’s programme Creative Sustainability. As a designer, he has worked for the strategic design unit at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and design consultancies in Helsinki and Seoul. As a researcher, he is currently studying written briefs, briefing and framing in design consulting across different sub-fields of design. Besides his work at Aalto University, Seungho has been serving as an associate for the nordic think tank Demos Helsinki since 2013.

Juha Kronqvist

Juha Kronqvist is a founding and core member of the DfG teaching team. He is a senior service designer at Hellon and a lecturer at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Juha has been teaching in DfG since the beginning of the course but will not be teaching in 2018 due to project commitments at Hellon. www.juhakronqvist.fi

Tania Rodriguez

Tania Rodriguez is a visiting lecturer on the DfG course. She is a part of the Visual Communication Design doctoral research group. Her research focuses on second language learning through design methods to foster independent and sustainable learning. tania.rodriguez@aalto.fi

Petra Leino

Petra Leino is the teaching assistant for DfG in 2017-2018 and a MA Creative Sustainability student at Aalto University. She has a background in humanistic studies and experience in diverse product design development. During her studies she has focused on human centred and in particular empathic design approaches. petra.leino@aalto.fi 

Former teachers and teaching assistants

Emma Berg, teaching assistant 2017

Paula Karlsson, teaching assistant 2016