Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we have received concerning the Design for Government course.

What are the client cases for the course?

DfG is an advanced studio course which responds to projects suggested by the ministries based on their current issues and needs. It is part of the pedagogical approach to experience a course that is “client” driven, ie. project topics are not student or teacher driven as other courses may be. The lineup of projects for DfG will be announced until near or at the start of the course. Please have look on the DfG website at previous years projects to get a general idea of the types of projects ministries have previously suggested.

I have not finished my bachelor studies yet. Could I apply to the course?

DfG is part of the Creative Sustainability master’s level programme, so it follows the CS guidelines on this matter. The guideline says that if a bachelor student applies, he/she should have completed at least 180 ECTS in the studies or will complete that amount by the time the study starts. In case you have these credits, you are welcome to apply! If not, then our recommendation is that you postpone applying for now, but consider taking the course in the coming year(s).

How do I apply for DfG?

Each year in Dec or January, the application process for the course starts. Normal registration is possible for Aalto students through Aalto’s Oodi system. The course description in Aalto’s Oodi system describes the priority order for selecting students for places in the course if there are more students who have applied than places in the course. 

Students from outside Aalto that have a current study-right in Finnish Joo-affiliated universities (JOO website) can also take DfG.

All eligible students (from inside and outside of Aalto) must fill out an application. Students who have registered through Oodi will be notified about this, or keep your eyes open for our invitation to apply on this website and on DfG’s Facebook page!

I am just about to graduate, but Design for Government as a subject interests me. Could I apply to the course?

Unfortunately, the course can only be taken by students with a valid study right. We very much appreciate your motivation to apply for the course and hope you will follow DfG news through the Facebook page and the website. There are likely open and public events during the course and other times of the year. We will take note of this issue as we develop the course further in the future.

I have graduated but would like to take the course. Can I register in the course through the Open University scheme?

In theory, yes, it is possible to take courses by registering (and paying) through the Aalto University Open University scheme. In practice, this would need to be arranged well ahead of time, since courses must be registered into the Open University scheme long in advance in order to be available.

My University is not mentioned on JOO website. Can I still apply for the course?

Based on a Finnish national agreement on flexible study rights (JOO), a student who has a right to complete a degree at a Finnish university may apply for a fixed-term right to study in a course at another Finnish university. Here is an Aalto webpage with more information for students who would like to study in a course at Aalto. Check the JOO website for the list of universities participating in the JOO agreement. If your university is not on the list, unfortunately it’s  not possible to apply to the course!