Open lecture: Systems thinking and Systems maps by Esko Reinikainen.

Design For Government (DfG, MUO-E8012) is a 10-ECTS advanced studio course in Aalto University’s Creative Sustainability master’s programme. We work with commissioned projects from within the Finnish public sector, which are the basis for in-depth and practical development by interdisciplinary student teams. In our mission to promote the role of design in government and grow the design community in public services, we invite you to join our open online lectures. Welcome!

We are excited to announce the third lecture in our open lecture series: Systems thinking and Systems maps by Esko Reinikainen. The event takes place 09:15-10:15 am (EET) on Monday 15th March.

This lecture takes an introductory look at how to view governments and their current challenges through a systems thinking perspective. It will begin with a high-level overview of the mental models upon which modern liberal democracies have been built. These mental models are largely built on industrial era linear thinking ideas. The lecture will then contrast that mindset with the new mental models that recent complexity science and systems thinking disciplines offer us.

The lecture introduces some key systems thinking concepts alongside different conceptual methods for how to ‘see’ governments as systems. While the systems thinking field offers new models and processes to apply to existing and emerging challenges, the key fundamental challenge is the need to shift mindsets, both on the part of the designer trying to help solve a problem and on the part of the government who owns it.

The lecturer, Esko Reinikainen, has 18 years of experience working in or for government organisations from municipalities to central government ministries, first as a public servant and then in the disciplines of innovation consulting, culture change programmes, organisational design, leadership development and organisational network analysis. He was the Special Advisor on Networks to the UK Government Cabinet Office. He is now a board member of Systems Change Finland Ry where he leads a system mapping project to eliminate human trafficking in Finland.

The lecture was hosted using the Zoom video conference platform.

A recording of the lecture can be found at:

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  1. James Rock / 9 March, 2021 Please can I reserve a place for this event? Reply
    • DfG / 9 March, 2021 Dear James,

      We have opted not to have a reservation policy, as it is our unfortunate experience that people may not show up and then spots are left without attendees. However, we can send you the invitation link later this week so that you will be able to join. After ensuring all students & staff have entered the session, we allow listeners in from the waiting room in the order that they have joined the link. We would also like to remind you that all lecture recordings are published on the website after the event, usually within a week.

      Best wishes,
      DfG Team
  2. Yuvin Ha / 13 March, 2021 Comment is required field even though it does not have a mark Reply
    • DfG / 13 March, 2021 Dear Yuvin,

      For posting to the comment section a comment is indeed required although this is not separately indicated.
      Indeed, if you are looking for the link to our open lecture, please mention this via the comment section. We do not publish all invitation / attendance requests, only those that may include additional questions or remarks.

      DfG Team
  3. Sanna / 15 March, 2021 I did not realise there was. a pre-subscription to be made. any place left? Reply
    • DfG / 15 March, 2021 Dear Sanna,

      Thank you for your interest and apologies for the late reply.

      There are no pre-subscriptions. For security reasons, we do not circulate the session links openly on the web, instead, we require prospective attendees to make a request for the invitation link. It is unfortunate that your request reached us once the session had already begun and for this reason, we were not able to secure your attendance. However, all sessions are recorded and posted on the website usually within a week from the lecture. Look out for these on the Lecture recordings -section of our website.

      The DfG Team

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