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Are you interested in designing for the government? Apply to DFG 2019!
Deadline for applications 6 February 2019.

Apply – in 2 steps

In the Design for Government course, the right mix of students and individual motivations are crucial. Addressing complex challenges benefits from a variety of backgrounds, skills and disciplines while critical thinking and creativity are important for developing new frontiers of design in the governmental sector. We therefore do not admit students on a first-come-first-serve basis but through the application process described below. Applications are reviewed and selected by the teaching team (final responsibility lies with the course leader).

1. Reflect on the final presentation videos from DfG 2018 or 2017

Check out the ministries’ 2018 project brief and the 2017 project briefs. Choose your favourite project brief, watch the videos, and then choose your favourite student presentation. Write a reflection about your favourite student presentation (500 words max): propose three points for further improvement or investigation and say something about how your competencies could contribute.

2. Fill out the application form

Enter your written reflection and additional info in this form.

2019 projects

More info at this link about our 2019 projects: ‘Empowering Citizens through Artificial Intelligence,’ by the Ministry of Finance ; ‘Boosting Consumer Rights for Finnish Business,’ by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

More about the course schedule and assignments is in Aalto’s MyCourses pages: 2019 DfG MyCourses (which will be further updated shortly) and 2018 DfG MyCourses (which provides more info and a good idea of the 2019 course as well).

Eligibility & workload

You can apply if you have a valid study right at any school in Finland as long as you are a master’s student and your institution is under JOO-Agreement. Check the JOO-website and/or ask your own study coordinator if you’re unsure.

The workload is at least 2.7 to 3 full working days per week. Avoid taking another big course at the same time! This is an advanced studio course, you would need to work more if you are unfamiliar with systems approach, empathic design and behavioural insight.

You must be present in the contact sessions and during teamwork, which means you have to be in Helsinki for the 14-week course.

2019 Schedule will be similar to 2018 Schedule, which you can check out here. Contact teaching days are on Tuesdays, at Aalto’s Otaniemi campus in the Väre building.

Important dates

  • Deadline for applications 6 Feb 2019 (end of day, 17:00)
  • Decision about selection 8 Feb 2019
  • Course period: Study periods IV and V (see DfG MyCourses page for key dates)
  • Course starts on Tuesday 26 Feb and Final Show is on 21 May.

 Course cooperation

Starting in 2018, Design for Government will be taught in parallel with the 5ECTS ‘Designing for Urban Governance and Services’, which provides a complementary foundation in relevant theories and case studies. It’s possible to take both courses simultaneously (contact teaching is co-located for both courses on Tuesdays) for a total 15ECTS. There’s no application for ‘Designing for Urban Governance and Services’, register directly through WebOodi either at Aalto or a University of Helsinki.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions in the process, consult our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page on this website.

Still more Questions?

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